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summarize web pages. in Safari browser.

Summarize web pages with Sumr extension on Safari browser. No app switching or ChatGPT subscription needed. Uses OpenAI API key – one summary costs a fraction of a cent.

summarize use your API key

TL;DR ::

Sumr is your go-to tool for cutting through the clutter of lengthy articles, providing clear and concise summaries to help you stay informed efficiently.

  • Open web page in Safari
  • Instantly get insights with Sumr
  • Share the bullets with source

copy & share manage settings

The Problem ::

Most people don’t read beyond the headers. And it’s not entirely users’ fault - articles are often cluttered and unnecessarily long. Some articles might even become obsolete while you’re reading them, so we need to choose wisely what to read and what to skim.

The Solution ::

Sumr quickly gives you an idea of an article. It’s perfect for poorly written or cluttered long web articles, product pages, company profiles, job postings, etc. You are getting an idea of the content beyond the headline, but without investing too much time.

works on MacOS & iPadOS

Key Features ::

  • Works Right in Safari: Sumr integrates seamlessly with Safari, the browser you probably use daily.
  • Works Only When Needed: AI in Sumr isn’t gatekeeping or standing in your way; it’s there if you need it, as it should be.
  • Minimal and Simple Operation: One-button summarization, one-button share – simple things we need the most.
  • Translate or keep original: Sumr can output summary in your language or keep it in the original language.
  • Local Storage for Summaries: Summaries are stored per page, on your device. Revisit websites and access previously created summaries without re-summarizing, saving you both time and API usage costs.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: Sumr works seamlessly on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. You can give it a lucky try on Vision OS too.
  • Cost-Effective Usage: By using your own OpenAI key, there are no subscription fees. You only pay for what you use, with no mediators involved. Summarizing one article costs you fractions of a cent.
  • Sharing Features: Sumr arguably outperforms web clippers. The sharing button grabs the summary along with the source URL, perfect for storing in (Apple) notes. The copy button only copies the summary bullet points, ideal for sharing with friends on social media before starting your usual mutually respectful and civil discussion.
  • Privacy and Control: You can choose what websites Sumr has access to and revoke access anytime. Sumr only looks at the page when you click the Summarize button and clears the content listener right after that. The Clear button removes the summary from the device completely.
  • Model selection: You can choose between GPT models for summarization.

How It Works ::

Initial Setup:

  1. Install: Download and install Sumr from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, MacOS (you can try Vision Pro too).
  2. Get an API Key: Obtain an API key from OpenAI and attach payment method. We have full tutorial with screenshots about how to do this.
  3. Paste API Key: Enter the API key in the Sumr app.
  4. Enable Extension: Enable the Sumr extension in Safari settings.


  1. Launch Extension: Open the extension on a page with an article you wish to summarize.
  2. Allow Access: Grant access to this particular website (or any website).
  3. Summarize: Tap the nice Summarize button.
  4. Enjoy: Watch the short bullets appear in a satisfying manner.
  5. Copy or Share: Copy the summary bullet points or share the summary with the source URL.
  6. Clear or Keep: Clear the summary or keep it for revisiting later.

Pricing ::

The core functionality of Sumr is free.

  • Costs of using the API is about $0.0015 USD for summarizing a 1000-word article.
  • Meaning you need to summarize ~7 pages of that size to pay 1 cent.

We have full costs break down with examples on the pricing page.

Advanced Features (Coming Soon)

  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Alter system prompts
  • Change the model type
  • On-device model (eliminates the need for OpenAI API)

Those advanced features are currently in development and will be available as a one-time purchase.

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